About the Artist

A passion for creativity, and a lust to find beauty in all things.

From an early age, I’ve appreciated the complexity of makeup. Raised in a household where Chanel was the icon of perfection, I didn’t realize how lucky I was.

I remember the days of sneaking into my mother’s makeup drawer, and standing on a chair because I was too small to reach. To me that drawer was a magic drawer. Inside it contained a hundred little treasures, just waiting to be played with. Magic as it was, that didn’t stop me from drawing an intricate scribbles all over the toilet, Coco Chanel Red.

As I grew up, I began reading books (before YouTube and Instagram) on how to use and create different makeup looks. I learned the right and wrong way to apply blush, eyes shadow, and mascara.

Fast forward 20 years, HH Artistry has proudly worked with many Indiana and Michigan brides and photographers.

With no formal certification training, my skills have been self-taught, leaving room for completely personalized and artistic creativity. I’ve simply learned what works, and what doesn’t. Because of that, I’ve committed myself to continuously evolving my technique, practices, and styles.

Whether you’re glamming up for a night on the town with your favorite girlfriends, planning a romantic anniversary dinner with your love, or anxiously preparing for the moment you say, “I do,” HH Artistry will be sure to make you look and FEEL just as magical as I once did, uncovering the treasures in my mother’s little, magic, makeup drawer.

Hillary Horning is a freelance makeup artist, face painter, and body painter located in Edwardsburg, Michigan.